007. Leo Ward

Name: Leo Ward
Nicknames/Aliases: Ward (by Red Allison)

Age: 17
Birthday: August 12th

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual

Height: 6'

Species: Human
Race/Ethnicity: White American

Occupation: Black Carousel Member, High School Student
High School Grade: Senior

Family: Mother, Father, Boris Ward (Older Brother)

Relationships: Riu Kim (best friend, fellow gang member, crush), Carson Douglas (friend, fellow gang member), Jackson Caine (gang leader), Jamie Gott (friend, fellow gang member), Cameron Ebner (fellow gang member), Lily Abbott (friend, fellow gang member)

Likes: Retro/Vintage things, old science fiction novels and movies, fantasy novels

  • Owns a flip phone
  • Owns a record player and collects records

Leo is cheerful and amiable, he loves talking to others and tries his best to put a smile on people's faces; often putting on ridiculous acts to entertain. However, he has a tendency to be self-deprecating and never really stands up for himself. He never really tries excelling at anything due to his lack of confidence and tends to follow what everyone else is doing.

Typically spends most of his time hanging out with the other Black Carousel members or just Riu sometimes. If no one's available to hang he'll either go to the library and read, or be at the arcade. Leo's a fan of retro things and even owns a record player and a collection of records that he listens to when at home. While not completely certain what he wants to do with his life, he'd like to do any job that allows him to entertain others.

Leo and Riu had a class together in their freshman year and became friends, so when Riu joined Black Carousel he followed.