015. Red Allison

Name: Red Allison
Nicknames/Aliases: Allison (himself), Junior (his dad),

Age: 17 (At start of story), 18 (By end of story)
Birthday: November 5th

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay

Height: 6'1

Species: Human
Race/Ethnicity: White American

Occupation: High School Student, Rusdead Gang Member
High School Grade: Senior

Family: Father, Mother (deceased),

Relationships: Balt Kappel (fellow gang member, friend, crush), Nacho Parker (fellow gang member, enemy, jealous of), Christina McNab (gang leader), Juniper Abel (fellow gang member), Paul Elizondo (fellow gang member, the responsible one, depressing to be around), Antonio Abascal (friend?, fellow gang member)

Likes: Balt, Peppermint flavoured candy, Burgers,
Dislikes: His red eyes, people, alcohol even just the smell of it,

  • Wears contacts but still carries his glasses around with him, as well as a pair of sunglasses due to his eyes being a bit sensitive to light
  • Has a southern accent that he tends to try and hide while at school
  • He moved to Vermeil in the summer before freshman year
  • Carries around a pocket knife

Red shows off a cheerful, friendly, and helpful demeanor when at school however in actuality he is harsh, rude, and aggressive. He dislikes other people and has a tendency to say whatever without thinking and as a result causes people to see him as terrible which often leads to him acting out even more. Despite all this he has a friendly side and also a very affectionate side when it comes to Balt as he's often seen around him and talking about how cute he finds Balt much to other people's confusion.

Despite his dislike of people it seems he may be very concerned about what other people think of him thus the reason he puts on a persona during school and perhaps the reason for other things he does.