127. Lily Abbott

Name: Lily Abbott

Age: 17
Birthday: June 14th

Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight

Height: 6'

Species: Human
Race/Ethn/Nat/Etc: Black American

Occupation: High School Student, Black Carousel Member
High School Grade: 12th Grade/Senior

Family: Mother, Father

Relationships: Riu Kim (Childhood/best friend, Fellow gang member), Leo Ward (Friend, Fellow gang member), Jackson Caine (Friend, Gang Leader), Jamie Gott (Friend, Fellow gang member), Cameron Ebner (Fellow gang member, Wants to be friends with), Carson Douglas (Fellow gang member)

Likes: Video Games (any genre), Science, Fantasy Novels, D*sn*y Movies,
Dislikes: English Class, Sour food, Horror

  • She's trans