120. Cameron Ebner

Name: Cameron Ebner
Nicknames/Aliases: Cam,

Age: 17 (Start of story), 18 (End of story)
Birthday: January 3rd

Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight

Height: 5'0

Species: Human
Race/Ethn/Nat/Etc: White American

Occupation: High School Student, Black Carousel Member
High School Grade: 12th, Senior

Family: Mother, 3 Younger Brothers, 3 Younger Sisters

Relationships: Jackson Caine (Boyfriend, Gang leader), Riu Kim (Friend?, Fellow gang member), Leo Ward (Friend, Fellow gang member), Jamie Gott (Friend, Fellow gang member), Carson Douglas (Fellow gang member), Lily Abbott (Friend, Fellow gang member)

Likes: Sweets, Drawing, Kendo, Mystery Games, Occult
Dislikes: Water, Sour stuff,

  • Used to do kendo but stopped so she could babysit her younger siblings