001. Riu Kim

Name: Riu Kim
Nicknames/Aliases: Kim (by Red Allison)

Age: 17 (Start of story), 18 (End of story)
Birthday: February 12th

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual

Height: 5'8

Species: Human
Race/Ethn/Nat/Etc.: Korean American

Occupation: Black Carousel Member, High School Student
High School Grade: Senior/12th Grade

Family: Mother, Father, Rea Kim (younger sister)

Relationships: Leo Ward (best friend, fellow gang member, crush), Lily Abbott (childhood/best friend, fellow gang member), Jackson Caine (gang leader, friend), Jamie Gott (fellow gang member), Carson Douglas (fellow gang member), Cameron Ebner (fellow gang member)

Likes: The Occult, Science, Diet Soda, Rain Storms, Fishing
Dislikes: Milk, Summer, Chocolate

  • He was the first Vermeil character to be created, he was originally a one off character made for a short comic for a comics contest but said comic was never finished and instead Vermeil was created to give him a story
  • His mom is a first generation Korean immigrant while his dad was a second generation
  • He owns a pet cat named Anette

Riu tends to keep to himself and as a result he comes off as aloof though he's quite the talker. He can talk at excessive length about anything that interests him and frequently mumbles to himself. Once he starts talking it can be quite difficult to get a word in.

However, he does equally enjoy hearing other people's opinions and thoughts on topics and eagerly discussing them. Riu is open about speaking his mind and "sticking to the facts" which often leads to him being quite blunt; and due to difficulty with being expressive, tends to talk in a deadpan manner which causes him to sound harsh when talking about certain topics.

He passionately loves science and the occult and hopes in the future to become a scientist and if not he'll settle for being a fiction author. Riu typically tends to spend his free time either reading, playing video games, or hanging out with the other members of Black Carousel; however, he also enjoys fishing on occasion.

Used to volunteer as one of the school's library assistants, there he met and befriended Jackson who invited him to join Black Carousel.