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Hello! Welcome to my OC website! This is where I put photos and information about my original characters. I have a lot of characters and I'm new to coding and such so this website is going to be a constant work in progress. You can also find information about my OCs over on my Toyhouse!

This site was coded on a 1080 monitor and so may be the best way to view it.


  • Better coding overall
  • Redesign/Recode characters pages
  • Add to Lore page
  • Updating characters to the new page layout and reordering some (current)
  • Redesign/Recode home page
  • Create various assets
  • Add an art archive
  • Finish adding links to the character list


  • General character page updates
  • Renamed Kerseils to Cerise
  • Renamed Berdel to Beowulf
  • Renamed Russik to Russell
  • Fixed Cyrus Law's page url to his current name
  • Fixed Cessair Huxley's page url to his current name
  • Created pre-2013 art archive page