002. Cork LaChappelle

Name: Cork LaChappelle
Nicknames/Aliases: N/A

Age: 26
Birthday: December 2nd

Gender: Male (He/Him)
Sexuality: Straight

Height: 5'11

Species: Purative Human
Race/Ethn/Nat/Etc.: White American

Occupation: N/A

Family: Mother, Father, Older Brother

Relationships: Mallory (Sees her as a threat, Sees himself as better than her, forces her to servitude in "good" ending)

Likes: Dolls, Himself
Dislikes: People, Mallory

Cork LaChappelle is a man with a superiority complex, due to his powers he views himself as a god among mortals and holds his head high and mighty. He loves to point out others flaws and toy with them for it, really getting through to the heart of their problems in a way that tries to reinforce his view that theyre inferior to the perfect him.

However he's not perfect or special or godlike and he becomes enraged when faced with that reality such as when he first saw Mallory and recognized that she had the potential to have the same powers as him which is what started his massacre in the story and his descision to toy with her for his amusement and to subdue her.