105. Carson Douglas

Name: Carson Douglas
Nicknames/Aliases: Douglas,

Age: 17
Birthday: June 22nd

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay

Height: 5'1

Species: Human
Race/Ethn/Nat/Etc: White American

Occupation: Black Carousel Member, High School Student
High School Grade: Senior/12th Grade

Family: Grandmother, Father, Step-mother, Younger half brother, Younger half sister

Relationships: Jackson Caine (gang leader, friend, crush), Jamie Gott (fellow gang member, friend), Cameron Ebner (fellow gang member, Jackson's girlfriend, friend?), Riu Kim (fellow gang member, argue a lot, annoying, friend but wont admit it), Leo Ward (fellow gang member, friend), Lily Abbott (fellow gang member, friend?, don't talk much), Balt Kappel (childhood/best friend, neighbor)

Likes: Breaking stuff, Fighting games, Sewing, Crafting,
Dislikes: Romance,

  • Makes costumes and props
  • Has a hobby of buying romance novels and then burning them in his backyard
  • The vermeil character with the most exes

An aggressive and rowdy young man.