Zachariah is often labelled a cheerful idiot, particularly by Casket Case, but to say that wouldn't be quite true. It is true that he is cheerful and he lacks social and emotional intelligence, while he understands some "social taboos", he often still fumbles the same way over and over asking or saying things that are innapropriate without asking. However, he's not just blindlessly cheerful but rude, he can act cocky, brash, unruly, and is quite willing to throw back cheeky insults. He's gotten so used to people disliking him he's learned to not quite take it seriously and because of his inability to die and fast healing he's much more reckless than the average person.

He's quite adapt at learning technical information and has picked up many skills over his lifetime, some of which has been used for criminal purposes, which is the other big reason people tend to not like him, he frequently is doing things that would get him in trouble with the law. Lockpicking, pickpocketing, grand theft auto, reselling stolen property, assault of a police officer, handling illegal weaponry, are just examples of things he's done, many of which he doesn't regret, he still fondly remembers the first time he hotwired a car at 15.

Still he's quite friendly and for every couple or so people who dislikes him there's someone who finds him nice but strange.

Zachariah for unknown reasons can change into a more messed up form, there's no complete understanding of why or when he turns into it but often it's triggered by severe injuries to his normal form. In this form he's stronger, more durable to harm and heals much faster making him functionably unkillable, though it's not a pleasant form for him as it feels very disorienting, everything becomes bright and blurry and it feels like he has vertigo, everything feels in slow motion and like he's learning to use his own body for the first time again, his chest hurts when he breaths and he feels much less in control of himself and his emotions.

He continues to insist he's a normal human despite everyone being able to tell he's not and is in fact something abnormal. His biggest bad habit is that he speaks out loud while he thinks.


At birth it was obvious that Zachariah was something strange, despite having two normal human parents. His parents tried their best to love and care for him but overtime they began to secretly resent him, finding him too hard to care for, and they began to pay less and less attention, often leaving him on his own to take care of himself. After the birth of Zachariah's younger brother he became much more aware of the way his parents avoided him, and while he didn't understand why, after many efforts he just gave up. He especially learned of his parents dislike of him from the way they yelled at him whenever he tried to interact with his brother.

As a tween he became interested in "unsavory" skills especially as easy ways to get what he wants, such as shoplifting and lockpicking. While he didn't quite have friends growing up he knew a few other "outcast" kids who he'd often bring along with him on his activities, some much more hesitent than others, though he'd always insist they wouldn't get caught. Though he was caught quite a few times growing up which resulted in anger from his parents leading to their relationship being much more rocky.

Zachariah moved out as soon as he could and now lives in an apartment he shares with Salszefar, he's somewhat calmed down his criminal activities though with how much he did as a teen that's not saying much.


Casket Case  

Zachariah often attempts to be friendly with Casket Case, he's aware the man doesn't quite like him but he finds it a bit fun to annoy him as he has no choice to be around him. He does however often find himself after having said something confused as to why Casket Case lashes out at him but it's par for the course for him.


Mavy is someone else Zachariah finds strange but he supposes that he's strange as well and finds comfort in that. While he does find her rude and a bit insistent, their first meeting had her come up to him and insist he show her video games or else, he does find himself enjoying her company and talking about and playing games with her. Though he wouldn't describe her as a friend, despite how the four of them now hangout with each other more and more outside of video games.


His roommate and best friend, and in fact the only person he as an adult considers his friend. Zachariah saw Salszefar and took him in feeling a sort of kinship with the strange creature, so out of place among humans, and helped him get accustomed to life and society. The two are close, rarely ever apart, and very physically affectionate often with Zachariah initiating it, the first time Salszefar had hugged him had been the first time he'd ever been hugged since he was in elementary school. While Salszefar is his best friend and the person he considers most important in his life he can't help but deep down feel some feelings of envy towards Salszefar as it gets along with other people seemingly much easier than he ever could, as it has friends outside of him; and, while he cannot recognize it himself, he has feelings of jealousy and anxiety when he sees Salszefar getting along with other people, worried that one day maybe Salszefar too will grow to dislike him and leave him, like every human friend he's had before.

Often Salszefar is the one he has help him with his hobbies despite Salszefar being hesitent, sometimes it manages to convince him out of impulsive things though often it relents. Zachariah is unaware of Salszefar's romantic feelings towards him, and whether or not he may reciprocate is something he's too unfocused and not emotionally intelligent enough to figure out.



  • Fish (as food), he's deathly allergic and eating even just a bit makes him go into his messed up form

Design Notes  

Has black pants and converse shoes on. His shirt can have anything on it as long as it's like or looks like a band shirt


  • Makes extra cash through reselling stuff he's stolen that he doesn't want
  • He's the type to be like perpetually stuck in like the 00s early 10s using myspace like websites, tumblr, and using whatever forums still exist and having his own site


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