Mavy is viewed as quite rude, it's often the first thing people note about her, she tends to be blunt, never sugarcoating the things she says. While she may be rude and blunt she herself is quite sensitive though her pride would never let her show it and only let her lash back when she feels attacked. She takes pride in her nobility and the way she acts because of it annoys people, often ignoring how things are "supposed to be done" in favour of insisting on her way. Mavy tends to label the other three as her lackeys and act distant from them.

Mavy is quite curious about the world around her and is in particular obsessed with video art such as movies, shows, commercials, and especially video games. She collects old gaming magazines that were tossed aside in the human world and landed in the obscura. She loves all video games even many that are considered bad and trashy and she'll get defensive if you were to tell her so.


While her family may be noble their treatment of her was anything but, Medora spent most of her life chained and locked away from society in a chamber deep below the depths of the sea, treated and viewed like a dangerous monster, alone and miserable. An illegitimate child her parents wanted little to do with her and many guards were hired by her family to watch her and deal with her, none of them lasted. That is until Casket Case was hired to guard her, he saw the state of how she lived and took pity on the poor soul and it was like her life had done a complete 180. She was no longer chained, she could wander outside and see the world, she had a home and a bed that was comfortable, and she felt like a person.


Casket Case 

The guard hired to watch over her after the old one died, he's constantly with her and so she often labels him her servant and treats and asks him for things like one. She finds his stubborness annoying and the way he'll sometimes get in the way in the name of "guarding" her. Still she's known him for quite some time and is thankful towards him for the way he changed her life, and even though he doesn't like his job she appreciates all he does for her. While she may not be aware of how she feels he's the person she's closest to. While she is logically aware that Casket Case is a human she finds it hard to think of him as such.


The "first" "human" she met, though she's aware he's not really she still often goes to him for her curiousities about the human world. The two get along and she feels a sort of similarity between her and him that she can't quite place her finger on. She enjoys his company even if she finds him a bit crass and stupid at times and gets nervous about his criminal habits.


Mavy finds Salszefar interesting being a bogeyman, one of the few types of beings of the obscura that originate in the human world. The two generally get along though they often butt heads in manors of taste, as Salszefar tends to be the most dismissive of the quality of the games and such she likes. She views it mostly as Zachariah's friend and another of her lackeys whos especially useful in terms of height.

Her parents  

Medora's parents don't care for her in the slightest, viewing her more as a bother and something to hide than anything. They never even gave her a name often referring to her as "that monster", "it", and "the boy" even now, barely remembering her chosen names or gender even after Casket Case stresses it when he reports to them.



  • Spicy food

Design Notes  

Can be drawn in anything and color as long as it's like marine/sailor themed lolita.


  • Medora, Adela, Venus, and Yvet are all her first names, she prefers either all of them at once or any individual one but mostly Medora but she accepts Mavy as a name since it's just a shortening of all four names