Salszefar is one of 13 boogeymen in existance at this time as such it is often treated as a spectactle by both humans and non-humans alike. Many find him intimidating with the way he tends to stare and the fact that it prefers to not speak, especially not realizing when someone is waiting for him to respond to them. It's introverted and struggles with anxiety and so tends to shy away from the public eye, partly due to the attention being non-human in the human world would bring. That's not to say it dislikes people though, in fact despite being seen as a strange creature with strange mannerisms it gets along quite easily with most people, though perhaps his non-humanness makes people more ready to afford him some grace.

It has a love for art that is strange and weird, it finds the art fascinating and in a way comforting. Art it finds interesting is the one topic it tends to be able to verbally talk on and on about, discussing it's favourite works and his interpretations of them.


Being a boogeyman Salszefar was born from shadows in the woods. It lived sometime by itself before eventually wandering close enough to the human city that he ended up meeting Zachariah who took him in and helped him adjust to society.


Casket Case  

Salszefar and Casket Case do not get along, partly due to the way in which Salszefar hates how Casket Case mistreats Zachariah. Despite how much they hate each other they might be the most similar to each other of the four, even having similar taste in art.


He finds her interesting as she's the most far removed from humans of the four of them, at least in it's eyes, however the way she finds a similar interest in him makes it nervous to be examined. That said he can't help but judge her taste viewing a lot of what she likes as garbage, another similarity between it and Casket Case though it's willing to say it unlike him.


Salszefar is in love with Zachariah, his best friend and roommate. Will write more later.



  • Spicy food

Design Notes  

It's design is partly inspired by OFF by Mortis Ghost.


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