Casket Case is a pompous and mysterious man. He dislikes simplicity and straightforwardness and is interested more in the hidden depths and the thought-provoking, often leading to him getting labeled as pretentious by others, but he's assured in his intelligence and isn't affected by insults. While he may not like straightforward things, his sharp tongue tends to be just that, and he'll often outright state when he finds things dull, crass, and meaningless. This isn't to say he dislikes the mundane, after all complexity can still be found there.

People tend to find him unnerving, both among humans and the obscura, something they often can't quite put their finger on like that God of his and well the dead don't just come back to life.


Upon his death, or perhaps even before then, Casket Case became the sole acolyte of a long dead God, though death for a God isn't like death for us and even in death the spirit remains, haunting. This God's death happened long before anything and it was a death that crows picked at the meat of and fed to their young who grew up to pick at it and feed to their young while the God was long forgotten, even as it's carrion and the crows melted together to become the world.

Not much is known of Casket Case's life before his death, he has no interest in disclosing his past to anyone and feels that his life doesn't matter and was merely transitory. As time passed and Casket Case became more familiar with the Obscura he met many strange beings and made quite a name for himself. Because he's often turned away even in the obscura guarding the Desrosiers child was the only available employment and so he had no other choice but to agree to the job offer.



Zachariah is someone Casket Case finds moronic and simple. While he'll try his best to be polite to the man, he often winds up insulting him and if he especially annoys him, beating the shit out of him. It's not something that happens often, it rarely happens in fact, but the mention of it highlights how Casket Case feels no need to respect Zachariah in any regard, it's not like Zachariah can die the way a normal person can and it doesn't seem the man actually learns anything from it as he continues to bother Casket Case, so there's no problem with it.

Medora Adela Venus Yvet  

Casket Case was hired by Medora's family to guard her, more or less their way of making someone else deal with her, and as such he views her as his job, and he's pretty much always on the clock with rare time off. He finds the girl strange and at times annoying, especially the way in which she treats him like a servant though he's learned to tune her out sometimes. That isn't to say he doesn't have some fondness for her as he's been with her for some time. He saw how she lived before he met her and the way her family treats her and empathized with her as at the time she reminded him of himself. Though now that she's much happier and has become herself he'd say they have nothing in common.


Salszefar despises Casket Case and the feeling isn't wholly unrequited as Casket Case finds the creature quite annoying, though mostly in regards to the way in which it refuses to even pretend to be courteous with him. Despite their distaste for each other, many have noted similarities between the two, something both are displeased to hear, another similarity between them.

The Dead God  

The marriage between mutilated corpses, in his death, he was taken into it's arms and kissed into new life, and the two never truly part. Casket Case can always feel it's presence draped around him, a part of him. The two are alike, in the way that their flesh was torn, their organs were burned, in their graveness, death, and ultimately the way they were forgotten and yet remain. It's this melancholic connection that Casket Case worships the God through, and in turn the God venerates him, revering his body as it's temple, finding comfort in their intercourse.



  • Simple things

Design Notes  

Has a bunch of tattoos all over his body that I need to design. His pants are black and has black dress boots on. His cape is a coat.


  • His name was inspired by bandnames particularly metal bands, I thought up many choices and in the end it became a choice between Casket Case and Killing Elysium and you can see which I ultimately chose.
  • He is one of my four mascots and considered my primary mascot.