085. Slim Ten

Name: Slim Ten
Nicknames/Aliases: Ten, Slim (by Scope)

Age: 22
Birthday: April 4th

Gender: Male (He/Him)
Sexuality: Gay

Height: 6'1

Species: N/A
Abilitie(s): Regeneration, Produce slime from his mouth,

Occupation: TUNE Member

Family: Card For (Older brother), Scol Aet (Older Brother), Grav Tui (Older Brother)

Relationships: Scope (Boyfriend, Coworker), Battle-T (Boss), Moralt (Coworker), Blink (Coworker), Rex (Coworker), Svekistal (Battle-T's kid, good kid like a younger sibling)

Likes: Rock, Metal, Ridiculous and ugly outfits, Birds (especially crows), Cooking, Action Movies, Horror Movies
Dislikes: Scol Aet, Deer,

The youngest of the quadruplet brothers, Slim Ten is a cheerful and energetic guy who gets along well with others. However, Ten has very little regard for the lives of others and often experiments on humans and animals (or flat out kills them) out of what he calls the "pursuit of doctoral curiosity" and the "advancements of biology and medicine".

There is also a side to him that is bitter and aggressive, an icy sadism filled with disdain. Despite his little regard for human life and his messed up personality he does genuinely care for those in his life and is very loyal to those he cares for and while his experiments aren't good at like all (because he doesn't mind if the subject dies and experiments without consent) they are out of a desire to advance human medicine to cure diseases and decrease the mortality of humans (his experiments are still not ok though).

  • His left eye tends to be broken, this is because his body starts to rot there every once in a while