010. Svekistal

Name: Svekistal
Nicknames/Aliases: Svek,

Age: 9, Later 16
Birthday: May 5th

Gender: Bigender (Any pronouns)

Height: 4'5

Species: Tree

Occupation: Tune member (not really), Elementary School Student (home schooled),

Abilities: Create fruit that heals from neck branches, Make vines that have thorns, use vines to make barriers,

Family: Battle-T (Legal Guardian), Creator

Relationships: Slim Ten (friend, "co-worker", like an older brother), Scope ("co-worker", Slim Ten's boyfriend), Moralt ("co-worker", like an annoying babysitter), Blink ("co-worker", like an uncle), Rex (friend, "co-worker", like an older sister), Two friends around their age

Likes: Milk, Oranges, Playing outside, Sunlight, Kickball, Roughhousing
Dislikes: Staying indoors, Horses,

  • They usually have a vine/branch around/near their neck but it can be retracted

Svekistal is a boisterous, rowdy kid, always moving about and having difficulty staying put. They're quite friendly and get along with others well, though they scarcely get close. However, they are close to the other members of Tune and considers them all as if they were family. Svekital is a very curious child which frequently leads to them doing things they're not supposed to or getting into other people's business.