009. The Grand

Name: Nine
Nicknames/Aliases: The Grand

Age: About 18 billion
Birthday: August 1st (not actual date of creation since days and months didnt exist at that time but when he celebrates it)

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual

Height: 6'3

Species: Celestial God

Family: Mark Kappel (son)

Relationships: Zilindric (creation, old friend), Lyrincs (friend), Abas Gra (friend), Jerezel (friend), Cijer (creation, friend), Liolette (friend), Elianto (friend), Zave (creation, friend), Illian (friend), Fort Five (old friend, old lover, still in love with)

Likes: Cats, Fruit based food, Flowers,
Dislikes: Death (though he knows it must happen he still has difficulty accepting it), Formality

  • He's the only celestial with a birthday because none of the others see any point in celebrating when they were created
  • Associated with Gold

The Grand, the creator of World Nine. A weak pushover of a god. He can't bring himself to risk hurting those around him which often leads to him being unable to take action, this often results in things becoming worse than before. Cries easily and speaks softly. A melancholic man.