018. The Celestial of Understanding

Name: Zave
Nicknames/Aliases: The Celestial of Understanding,

Age: Adult

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay

Height: 5'6 (not including antlers)

Species: Celestial God

Family: Cijer (brother)

Relationships: Nine (boss, creator, friend), Zilindric (hates, ex-secondary boss), Lyrincs (coworker, annoying dog thats fun to mess with), Abas Gra (friend, coworker), Jerezel (coworker), Liolette (coworker, annoying woman), Elianto (dumbass, attracted to, coworker), Illian (coworker), Alice (friend, creation), Hyde (friend, creation)

Likes: Apples, Blueberries,
Dislikes: Idiots,


One of the celestial gods.