144. Polar

Name: ??????????
Nicknames/Aliases: Polar

Age: 28
Birthday: November 6th

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay

Height: 6'5

Species: Polar Bear Hybrid
Race/Ethnicity: N/A
Abilitie(s): Enhanced Strength, Control ice, can freeze water around him, uses his power to make ice spikes and encase enemy feet in ice

Occupation: Aster Member
Division: Red/Lower Aster
Subdivision: Gaia
Team: Polaris
Rank: 246

Family: Mother, Father, Younger sister

Relationships: Blizz (Team leader), Jam (coworker, ?),

Likes: Sweets, Steak, Sushi, People,
Dislikes: Summer,

  • Tends to lack an understanding of personal space and is very cuddly
  • Whenever his real name is being said or shown something always interrupts or obscures it