070. Moralt

Name: Aaron Smith
Nicknames/Aliases: Moralt

Age: 28
Birthday: November 1st

Gender: Male (He/Him)
Sexuality: Gay

Height: 5'11

Species: Immortal Human
Race/Ethn/Nat/Etc.: White American
Abilitie(s): Materialization

Occupation: TUNE Member

Family: Adoptive Father, Biological Parents

Relationships: Battle-T (boss), Blink (co-worker), Slim Ten (co-worker, friendly), Scope (co-worker, good kid), Svekistal (kid Battle-T takes care of), Rex (coworker, rude), Male (childhood friend, ???)

Likes: Soccer, Detective shows, Horror, ???? , ????????? ?????? Coffee, Beer, Spicy Food,
Dislikes: People, Sweets, Milk,


  • Not allowed to fight
  • He chose his nickname as a kid to match Male/make Male feel less weird about his name
  • Used to play baseball