145. Jam

Name: Jam Saltine

Age: 27
Birthday: August 13th

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual

Height: 5'9

Species: Mork
Abilitie(s): Able to see and communicate with ghosts and also touch them kinda?

Occupation: Aster Member
Division: Red/Lower Aster
Subdivision: Mercury
Team: Acrux
Rank: 144

Family: Older brother

Relationships: Mike (N/A), Ike (N/A), Reese (Coworker), Polar (Coworker, ?)

Likes: Sleep, Meaty food, Spicy food, Colorful trinkets,
Dislikes: Fire, Soda or anything carbonated,

  • Was born in the lyst and mork world but moved to the human world