060. Card For

Name: Card For
Nicknames/Aliases: For

Age: 22
Birthday: April 4th

Gender: Male (He/Him)
Sexuality: N/A

Height: 6'4

Species: N/A
Abilitie(s): Regeneration, Can summon two giant skeletal cat heads that float, Immune to fire, Turn into a 9 foot tall bipedal saber tooth tiger skeleton, Good at sword fighting

Occupation: N/A

Family: Scol Aet (Younger brother), Grav Tiu (Younger brother), Slim Ten (younger brother)

Relationships: N/A

Likes: Cute Things, Arcade Games, Sushi, Pink Lemonade, Action movies
Dislikes: Horror Movies,

The eldest of the quadruplets, he's quiet and reserved, rarely speaking. He tends to keep to himself and go at his own pace, much to the annoyance of his immediate younger brother Scol Aet. For tends to avoid and ignore conflict not wanting to get involved in anything. One of the things he's passionate about in his life however is collecting cute things, especially of the cat mascot character Rosie Red.

While he often tries to hide it he dislikes how he isn't that great of an older brother and feels bad having his younger brother Grav Tiu take care of him. These feelings cause him to view himself as pathetic and he blames himself for Scol Aet and Slim Ten becoming the way they are. He was a lot more outspoken and cheerful when he was younger.

  • He is able to create grenades
  • Has to wear sunglasses to hide his eyes
  • He can't swim
  • His favourite colors are pink and red
  • His name is inspired by the term C4