004. Trxstrmrxn

Name: Trxstrmrxn
Nicknames/Aliases: Cheshire cat (by Enin), Brother (Dominick)

Age: Physically mid 30s, Chronologically about 8 billion

Gender: Male (He/Him)
Sexuality: Pansexual

Height: 5'11

Species: Dweller

Family: Alice (Father), Dominick (Twin Brother)


Likes: Cats, Taffy, Desserts, Humans
Dislikes: Snakes, Dominick, Humans

The other Dweller of the Abyss. Trxstrmrxn is energetic and cruel, he desires to kill and consume the souls of humans unlike his brother. This desire stems from a part of their nature, creatures created for the sole purpose of consuming stardust, while it seems like they may need to souls to survive (though it hasn't been proven they do) Trxstrmrxn really just enjoys it and loves the taste of souls. He views himself as above humans and enjoys seeing them act like fools, but also can find them annoying.

Trxstrmrxn's cruelty extends to his brother, from insulting him and emotionally tormenting him to forcibly taking control of Dominick's limbs while he's in control to kill him. He feels disdain and annoyance at his brother's nature of not wanting to hurt others and is constantly trying to convince him to give into their base desires.

He wasn't always like this though, a long time ago he was friendlier and enjoyed being around humans with no desire to harm anyone. He and his brother used to be closer and got along well and tried to enjoy their life despite the circumstances. Who knows what happened...

  • He is based on the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland (if his nickname didn't make that obvious).
  • He is associated with light purple.
  • The reason he hasn't overpowered and killed Dominick and consumed his soul to become an Abyss is because Dominick is stronger than him.
  • Originally he and Dominick were going to be the same character but Dominick would be him having forgotten his true personality but would go back to being Trxstrmrxn by the end. This was scrapped and the two were made seperate characters.