114. November Eccleston

Name: November Muyskens-Eccleston
Nicknames/Aliases: Nov

Age: 27 or 28 depends on when story takes place
Birthday: November 13th

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay

Height: 5'4

Species: Human
Race/Ethn/Nat/Etc: White American

Occupation: Drug Dealer

Family: Mother, Chronos Eccleston (Father), January Eccleston (Older Brother), February Eccleston (Older Sister), March Eccleston (Older Brother), April Eccleston (Older Sister), May Eccleston (Younger Sister), June Eccleston (Older Sister), July Eccleston (Older Brother), August Eccleston (Older Brother), September Eccleston (Younger Brother), October Eccleston (Older Sister), December Eccleston (Younger Brother)

Relationships: N/A

Likes: Math, Adventure novels, Rock Music,
Dislikes: His job,

  • Wanted to be a teacher
  • September occasionally gives him books to read