077. Marigold

Name: Marigold
Nicknames/Aliases: Mars

Age: 22
Birthday: July 7th

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay

Height: 5'10

Species: Ashia, Purative Human (past)
Race/Ethnicity: White American

Occupation: Ashia

Family: Mother, Father, Younger Twin Sister, Younger Brother, Cousin, Cousin in-law

Relationships: Rean (friend, coworker), Enjax (coworker), Jrin Grid (annoying, coworker),

Likes: Rock and Roll, Action movies,
Dislikes: His parents

  • Used to be a gang leader
  • His older cousin named him and he is embarrassed by his name

An ashia with a temper. He tends to not follow the orders of the his superior ashias. Near the end of his training to become the next Lumen ashia, the guard of The Grand.