071. Grav Tiu

Name: Grav Tiu
Nicknames/Aliases: Tiu

Age: 22
Birthday: April 4th

Gender: Male (He/Him)
Sexuality: Bisexual

Height: 6'2

Species: N/A
Abilitie(s): Regeneration, Light manipulation and summoning small orbs of light, Manifesting/Summoning stuff, Create Portals/Walk through dimensions, Other Magic I need to work on/specify later, Turning into a 9 foot tall bipedal antelope skeleton

Occupation: N/A

Family: Card For (Older Brother), Scol Aet (Older Brother), Slim Ten (Younger Brother)

Relationships: N/A

Likes: Fashion, Hanging Out with Humans, Parfaits, Rain, Glitter
Dislikes: Horror, Bitter Food,

The third oldest of the Jick brothers. He's friendly and amiable with a smile often on his face. He's often hanging out with humans and gets along well with most people. However because he's so close to humans and admires them so much he's often stressing out over how humans view him as he wants to fit in with them and not be seen as an oddity. This stress leads him to become physically ill often which leads to his body degrading quicker.

He often has to break up his brothers fighting and be the responsible one of the group, often having to be the positive one of the bunch. He was a depressed crybaby as a kid and while he's said he's changed all that's changed is he's learned to put on an act. Inside he's still that depressed nature boy with a pessimistic view.

  • When his body degrades his body falls apart and his limbs and body show joints like those of a ball jointed doll
  • Wears makeup to cover his freckles cause he's insecure about them, also styles his hair